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    How Working With Veterinarians In Fitzgerald GA Can Extend And Improve Your Pet’s Life

    At Smith Veterinary Medical Hospital, we’re committed to helping animals live long, healthy lives. We offer a diverse range of services and resources for meeting the needs of all pets and their owners. Read on to learn how our veterinarians in Fitzgerald GA can help your feline, canine, or other companion live better and longer.

    When shopping for trusted vets near me, it’s important to find practitioners that offer breed-specific care. We know that not all dogs or cats are the same. Some require greater amounts of specific nutrients than others, more exercise, and special medical interventions. We streamline our support to suit the unique nuances of each animal.

    Another great way we can help your pet live better is by making targeted, needs-specific dietary recommendations. For instance, we can tell you how much to feed your pet, how often, and how to change pet food to reflect changing needs. As cats, dogs, and other animals grow older, they often lose the ability to chew and properly digest the foods that they consumed in their younger years.

    We also provide dental care. Animals can get tooth infections and toothaches too. Moreover, just like humans, unchecked oral health problems can have an impact on their hearts and their overall health. Bring your pets in for a visit so we can make sure that their teeth are healthy. We can also offer tips for cleaning teeth at home.

    You don’t have to wait until your pet is sick to stop by our veterinary clinic. Pets that receive regular preventative care tend to be much healthier than those that do not. We also offer boarding services, grooming services, and other resources and support to make pet owners’ lives a lot easier. To find out more about our establishment, our team, and our range of capabilities, visit or call Smith Veterinary Medical Hospital today!

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