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    Four Important Things To Know About Our Veterinary Clinic In Fitzgerald GA

    If you’re currently shopping for vets near me, look no further. At Smith Veterinary Hospital and Urgent Care, we offer an expansive range of services and solutions. You can count on us to help you maintain your pet’s health from year to year and to intervene if serious injuries or illnesses ever arise. The following are four important things to know about our veterinary clinic in Fitzgerald GA.

    We give our clients breed-specific care. We make sure that every animal is getting the treatments and preventative advice they need, according to their age, nutritional requirements, activity levels, and other factors. Everything from our dietary recommendations to our injury management is streamlined to suit the individual patient.

    You can count on us for excellent dental care. Animals need regular teeth cleanings and check-ups too. If your pet has been having a hard time chewing their food or if they’re irritable and acting uncharacteristically, tooth pain could be the reasons why. We can help.

    There’s no need to spend a veritable fortune to make your pet feel pampered and clean. We groom pets too. Bring your pet into us for washing services, clipping, and more. We use vet-approved products and grooming techniques to make our clients look amazing while protecting their well-being.

    We’re the place to visit when you need extended care for your animal. Are you traveling to a distant country and can’t bring your pet with you? Take advantage of our boarding services. We offer a clean, safe, and secure place for animals to stay overnight. We also provide companionship, good food, and plenty of exciting activities. Staying with us is far better than spending long hours in a cargo hold. Our grooming services give both pets and their owners lasting peace of mind. To find out more about our emergency vet services and our preventative pet care, contact Smith Veterinary Hospital now!

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