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    Discover The Common Side Effects To Monitor After A Successful Pet Vaccination In Fitzgerald GA

    Any medical procedure that veterinarians perform on your pets may have potential side effects. It may be stressful to watch your lovely pets struggle to recover from such reactions, especially after vaccine administration. However, most of the symptoms pets experience are mild and disappear without much attention. It is thus essential to know some of these common side effects and how they present to spot them for appropriate action. The discussion below outlines the common adverse effects you can expect after a successful pet vaccination in Fitzgerald GA.

    Cold like Symptoms and Sneezing

    We administer most of the vaccines through injections in pets but parainfluenza and Bordetella bronchiseptica virus vaccines are given via nostrils. We give nasal sprays or drops into the nose of your pets as we vaccinate them against these viruses. You dogs may exhibit symptoms such as running nose, coughing and sneezing as they react to the vaccine. Most of the dogs will recover from these side effects and symptoms will disappear after a few days. However, we advise you to contact us whenever you realize your puppy is taking relatively longer to recover.


    Lethargy and general discomfort are some of the common reactions that your pet may display after getting their shots of various vaccines. You will notice your dog resulting to sudden inactivity and general body weakness moment after you arrive home from our clinic. Such mild symptoms are normal and should not cause alarm as they fade away after a day or two. You may let us know the history of your pets during teeth cleaning service for dogs to designate an appropriate time for the vaccine. However, it is imperative to alert us for immediate medical advice if your notice your pet is experiencing lethargy several days after vaccine administration.


    Your pet is likely to experience fever after every vaccine administration as another common side effect. The fever is always mild and comes as a result of an immunologic reaction in response to the vaccines we administer to your pets. We always advise you on how to tell when the fever is severe and warrants urgent medical attention. However, it should also last after some hours from the time you detect it. Call us for appropriate follow up if the pet continues to experience a rise in body temperature days after the vaccine injection.


    Though most of the vaccine side effects in pets are mild and self-limiting, there are some that require immediate medical attention. Anaphylaxis may manifest presenting with breathing difficulties, vomiting, facial edema, diarrhea, itchiness and hives. The condition may occur shortly after vaccine injection or after forty eight hours from the time of administration. The best thing to do when you identify such symptoms in your pets is to visit a 24/7 emergency pet hospital for attention. We strongly advise you to observe any of such signs and call us for immediate attention once you spot such signs.

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