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    How A Fitzgerald GA Veterinary Clinic Can Improve Your Pet’s Quality Of Life

    Happy pets are pets that live well. When dogs, cats, or any other animals are getting the nutritional support, preventative care, and needs-specific exercise they need, they suffer fewer behavioral issues and their quality of life soars. At Smith Veterinary Hospital, we’re committed to helping animals thrive. That’s why we’re sharing several ways that the right Fitzgerald GA veterinary clinic can help your animal live both better and longer.

    Going to the vet isn’t just about having illness or injury treated. Much like humans, animals need to be seen on a regular basis. This gives vets the chance to diagnose developing issues early-on, and to treat them before they actually spiral out of control. The prognoses for minor issues is often far better than the outcomes that animals experience when small problems are neglected for extended periods of time.

    Many of the problems that pets experience are the result of poor nutrition. Even though their owners are feeding them regularly, they may not be getting foods that are right for their needs. There are wet and dry foods that are ideal for specific stages of life. You can get guidance from your vet on choosing the best of these for your pet. However, there may be breed-related nutritional deficiencies that you’ll have to work harder to avoid. This is also something that top-rated animal hospitals can help with.

    There are also many preventative services that your animal might miss out on if you never connect with a veterinarian in Fitzgerald, GA before you urgently need one. We offer tooth cleaning services and other oral health treatments. We also provide full-on grooming for pets that cannot be completely groomed at home. If there are major behavioral or socialization issues that need dealt with, we are available for these too.

    If you want to take a major trip but aren’t willing to subject your animal to the incredible risks of having them fly with you, we also offer reliable boarding services. Moreover, making vet care a regular part of your pet’s life now will make taking them to the vet easier when they’re in pain. Familiarizing pets with the treatment environment and the related procedures can greatly limit the stress that they feel when going to the vet while injured or ill.

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