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    Fitzgerald Veterinarians Tips On How To Prepare For Pet Surgery

    It can be overwhelming to learn that your dog requires surgery. Having an understanding of what the whole procedure entails can help you prepare for the procedure. Below are some tips from Fitzgerald veterinarians that will help you get your pet ready for the process.


    The first step is for the doctor at the animal hospital to examine the dog and confirm that they’re fit to undergo surgery. In case of any issues that need to be taken care of, they’ll inform you. For instance, if your fur baby is overweight, it might first need to lose some weight first. This will help to make the procedure a bit safer.

    Also a day or a few days before the operation, blood work might be done. This will help to assess the body functions and overall health of the animal.

    Plan transportation

    Plan suitable transportation to and from the clinic. This will largely be determined by the level of mobility that the pet has. If you’re at a loss on how you’ll transport the beast, consult your vet. In case they need a crate after surgery to rest, it should be in place by the time they get home after the operation.


    In some instances, you’ll be requested not to feed the beast a few hours before the surgery. He should also not have access to water. You might also need to stop certain medications or take the pet to the clinic overnight. Your doctor will give you specific instructions on what to do regarding this. Different animal clinics have different procedures regarding this.

    Provide contacts

    Once you drop off your pet at the reception, provide your up-to-date contacts. This will help the clinic to get in touch with you with updates.

    Recovery area

    Prepare a recovery area in your home. This can translate to you getting their crate set. Or you might even have to separate the ailing pet from other animals in the home.

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