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    Three Types Of Pet Allergies That Require Timely Visits To Reliable Veterinary Clinics In Fitzgerald GA

    Animals may suffer seasonal allergic effects just like human beings. Several allergic reactions in animals manifest through the skin. We have witnessed an increase in cases of pet allergies, especially during spring at Smith Veterinary Hospital. Three common types of pet allergies present different clinical manifestations, which inform our treatment modalities when dealing with each case. The rest of the article outlines the pet allergies that require the timely intervention of experts in reliable Veterinary clinics in Fitzgerald GA.

    Atopic Hypersensitivity

    Atopic allergic reactions occur when pets enter physical contact or inhale allergic environmental triggers. Many substances, such as mold spores, dust mites and pollen grains, can cause these allergies. We often diagnose this allergy depending on the clinical signs and ruling out other allergies and different causes of skin disorders. Atopy can result in secondary skin and ear infection if you delay seeking prompt medical intervention for reputable animal hospital near me.

    Flea Allergy Dermatitis

    This allergy is common in pets and one of key reasons we highly recommend monthly tick and flea prevention for all your pets. One of the popular aspects of flea allergy is dermatitis and pruritus affecting the half segment of the back, especially under the tail and its base. Some pets may be overly sensitive to fleas and still suffer allergic reactions when using bite-to-die flea products. In such a case, we recommend using at least two products, including those that repel fleas. However, it is essential to bring the pets to our animal hospital for assessment, diagnosis and proper treatment to ensure that multiple products are safe for the animals.

    Food Allergy

    Allergic reactions resulting from food ingestion are pets’ least common form of hypersensitivity. This allergy mainly presents through signs of skin disorders in animals. It may also bring gastrointestinal upset, but its most common signs include secondary skin infections, redness and itchiness. Pets are most commonly hypersensitive to proteins and can develop food allergies at any age. We advise you to visit top-rated veterinarian in Fitzgerald for assessment as professional guidelines on dealing with pets allergic to certain feeds.


    Proper diagnosis is necessary to help identify the most effective approach to clear the allergic effects in pets. We use immunomodulators such as apoquel and cytopoint injections to ease the impact of hypersensitivity in animals suffering from atopic allergies. Also, our veterinarian may use corticosteroids in severe cases to control the itch cyber and minimize the pruritic effects. Diet change and using prescribed meals is an effective intervention you can use on pets with food allergies.

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